Commercial Laundry Service

A1 Dry Cleaners is a commercial laundry service business. We save you time and money by providing and managing the inventory, and by washing, ironing, folding, and delivering clean linen to your establishment weekly. Our market segments served include:

Laundry cleaning services
Professional laundry service
Commercial laundry service
Industrial laundry service
Medical laundry service
Healthcare laundry service
Restaurant laundry service
Hotel laundry service
Spa & salon laundry service
Our 5-Star Promise

∗ Total Quality Control – Your linens remain in our total quality control process– from pick-up to delivery. At General Linen, all we do is linen; it is our business and has been for over 70 years. We never outsource, so you can rest assured that your linens will always remain in our diligent care.

∗ Highest Standards – All linen products are serviced to our highest quality standards, including meeting or exceeding all regulatory compliances. We employ our own certified Hospital Infection Control Practitioner who conducts regular audits.

∗ Dedicated Linen Service Expert Team – Every business has a dedicated linen service expert team who is specifically trained to understand your business and business needs. Your dedicated linen service manager will help you manage the total process: from ordering and inventory control to managing your budgetary needs in order to make your business succeed.

∗ On-Time Delivery – We guarantee our products are picked up and delivered on time so you have the right inventory when you need it.

∗ Environmentally Responsible – At General Linen, we believe it is our responsibility to operate in a manner that protects the environment, preserves natural resources, and promotes sustainability in all of our business practices and services.

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